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Healing the broken Hearts

A video documentary on

A young man in Nepal helps to heal the broken hearts. Working with Americares, Bhawani Aryal (Gopal) Founder and CEO of International Centre for Social Theatre Nepal uses theatre mto bring about mental health awareness and healing in communities devastated by the 2015 earthquake.

personal transformation

Mountain Dreaming Nepal 2018

Mountain Dreaming - Theater Residency & Learning Journey is an amalgamation of the art of theater, dragon dreaming (www.dragondreaming.org), theory U, spirituality and nature. It is a week-long group and individual process of finding inner self and discovering 'others in Me' and 'Me in others'. The program provides tools that are useful for group and individuals for personal and professional growth along with problem solving and healing. Bringing together organizations and individuals using art, theater and creative participatory approaches, Mountain Dreaming invites a generative dialogue on our shared challenges while seeking social change through personal transformation.

Our Mission

We promote social norms and positive behaviour of the people through public awareness and capacity building to establish psychosocial well-being.

We Established in 2017

We established the company with the goal of changing communities through theatre and performing arts. We uses theatre for psychosocial support, safe construction, protection issues which includes gender based violence, child labour, child marriage, trafficking, other violent behaviours including harmful tradition practices i.e. chaupadi, witch craft and dowry system and human rights programs, health and hygiene and education.

Our Vision

We envision resilient communities where there is no violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination through capacity building and mass awareness.

words from CEO

“I dream of offering collective happiness to people who are the lovers of arts and theatre. I connect and reconnect those people all over the world through the vision of ICST Nepal.”

Bhawani Aryal (Gopal)

CEO of ICST Nepal

Our Team

Binit Rijal

Program Manager

Maruti Sapkota

Admin Officer

Akhbila Limbu

Financial Advisor

Dipmala Pariyar


Raj Kumar Pangeni Sharma


Arjun Neupane


Deuti Pyakurel


Sebita Adhikari


Ramesh Aryal


Samapika Gautam


Babita Banjara


Simanta Pudasaini



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